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Removing the ten pounds added by the camera, using GIMP

I had a few image editors at my disposal, quite a few years ago. I had Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Ulead Photo Impact, and maybe another one or two. I do not remember the exact versions and what, if any, plugins I may have had.

I no longer have these programs at my disposal. Every "geek"** I know swore/swears that GIMP is really wonderful and that you just have to "get used to it". (** I say "geek" with much respect, because I wish I were geeky enough to know what I am doing... my husband is a geek, just not a geek with photo editing knowledge. I am a geek, but unfortunately, just when it comes to tech-useless subjects.)

So, on and off, for a couple of years, I have tried to use GIMP. I suck at it. I think I like it, a lot. I just don't know what anything is.

Anyway, back when I had the Photo Editors stated above, I could do things... I could easily shave the ten pounds off that the camera adds. At least one of those programs had a "slim" or "slenderize" or "slender" feature. It just did it for me. I would just hit it, and woosh, ten pounds all gone. I even removed an extra 20 pounds from a cousin who had packed on a ton of weight. I don't recall even having to touch the subject in the photo, it was like it just knew. The surroundings seemed virtually untouched but the subjects thinning. It fattened too, if one so choose to be plumper.

I realize the option of 'just a little click and BAM!: instant diet' is not likely one that GIMP, or any other program other than the one I had, has. However, there still must be a way, no?

Does anyone know what photo editing software I might have been using?
Does anyone know of a plug in that can help me? Perhaps a tip on how to just remove 10 or so pounds from a subject, or add pounds, using GIMP?



Filter/distort/Iwarp ..shrink option In Iwarp you have to work on the preview but to get control and so decent result you should at first maximize the preview box as default too tiny You obtain that indirectly by maximizing the plugin interface i.e. drag the plugin gui on the top left of the screen. then drag down the lower edge till you can, repeat for the right edges till you get the maxim preview box size possible see here PS in linux you may have a maximize icon on the plugin interface, in windows you may only drag the edges as explained
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