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Problems with script "watermark"

Hi! Thanks for your help.

New problem. I can't use the script "watermark.scm". (downloaded from your site)

When I try to apply it to my  image I get this error message: 

Error: eval: unbound variable: fmod



Hi Marellina. What version of GIMP are you using? The scheme language from gimp 2.2 (and earlier) was called SIOD and had a fmod function. From gimp 2.4 (and later) it is Tinyscheme, and this does NOT have a fmod function......BUT there should be a file called "script-fu-compat.scm" in the script directory for gimp 2.4, or one called "script-fu-compat.init" for gimp 2.6 that defines it so older scripts will work. Do you have either of those files on your system? Even if you don't, add this: (define (fmod a b) (- a (* (truncate (/ a b)) b)) ) before the (define (script-fu-watermark image drawable text font pixsize location opacity) line in the watermark.scm file and the script should then work. (You will have to restart gimp or reload the scripts, though once the file is changed and saved) Hope that helps. -Rob A>
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