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Water reflection displacement map generator

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dm-gen-1.2.1.scm7.99 KB

Builds displacement map to produce realistic water-like 3D reflection effect. 

Please see Tutorial with step-by-step instructions and examples.

Version 1.2.1Compatibility issue fixed ( GIMP 2.6.7 )

Version 1.2 Changes: 1. Additional control over parameters: - 3D correction - Initial noise level 2. Option to decompose result into two layers image (separate X and Y) 3. Minor changes and optimization (i.e. now called "Water reflection map")


Water reflection in Gimp

Based on idea from Photoshop Tutorial: Displacement Water

Code License: 
GIMP Version: 
Scripting Engine: 


Thanks heaps :)

Klasse, auf so was warte ich schon lange. Bis jetzt habe ich mein Wasser immer zu Fuß gemacht. Super! Lieben Gruß Avarra

Can You publish a example?

1. Duplicated layer. 2. Layer vertically mirrored (so we've got the reflection) 3. Generate map by script with same dimension as layer 4. Filters -> Map -> Displace (select map generated by script)


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