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Water reflection displacement map generator

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dm-gen-1.2.1.scm7.99 KB

Builds displacement map to produce realistic water-like 3D reflection effect. 

Please see Tutorial with step-by-step instructions and examples.

Version 1.2.1Compatibility issue fixed ( GIMP 2.6.7 )

Version 1.2 Changes: 1. Additional control over parameters: - 3D correction - Initial noise level 2. Option to decompose result into two layers image (separate X and Y) 3. Minor changes and optimization (i.e. now called "Water reflection map")


Water reflection in Gimp

Based on idea from Photoshop Tutorial: Displacement Water

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Works great (not showing the results, but was quite happy with it). Thanks for sharing. :)

I loaded the script and it comes up in the menu section, but when trying to use the script, I receive this error:

Gimp Message:Procedure 'gimp-image-delete' has been called with an invalid ID for argument 'image'. Most likely a plug-in is trying to work on an image that doesn't exist any longer.

Water Reflection Map Message:Error while executing
(script-fu-dm-gen 2 18 3648 2736 6 2 TRUE TRUE)

Error: Procedure execution of gimp-image-delete failed on invalid input arguments

How do I fix this in order to use this script?

Version 1.2.1 uploaded.

ok so i make the displace map not even sure im doing that correctly then i go filters>map>displace and "makes sure its selected" how. i need more in depth instructions should the map thinghy be in the other window created by the script how do i select etc all a have is a mass of gray i dont know how to use this please help.

I created a "beginners" version tutorial on my blog for those of us who need a little more clarification and picture examples. Check out

"Use Filters -> Map -> Displace and specify the layer with DM in drop-down menus. Adjust X and Y displacement in a way that Y = 2*X" Link is here: ----- Are you awake?

It's normal that the water is in greyscale?

Script doesn't change anything in reflection. It produces map which can then be applied to form the water-like ripples. So, if the original reflection was colorful, it should stay so after map applied.

Since GIMP's displacement map filter accepts separate drawables for the X and Y offsets, wouldn't it be preferable if the script produced two separate channels rather than employing the red and green components of a single layer?

That's a very good idea for version 2.0. Thanks! Also on list: number of 3D corrections from user UPD.: included in 1.2 ;-)


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