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New Guides Every X Pixels

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This plug-in will create guides every X pixels apart for the entire image size. It can handle both vertical and horizontal guides.

I wrote this for easier management of multiple textures and sprites in a single image file for graphical programming.

Copy the file in to your Gimp scripts directory, usually '~/.gimp-2.x/scripts'. Refresh the scripts from Gimp menu 'Filters'->'Script-Fu'->'Refresh Scripts'. This is unnecessary if Gimp is being re-started. Once this is done the script can be accessed from 'Image'->'Guides'->'New Guides Every X Pixels'.

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This one was already in the registry: Not sure how different the functionality is, however. -Rob A>

Hey Rob, Thanks for the link. I took a look at that one and it's slightly different. It doesn't allow you to specify the exact distance between the guides, only the number of guides in the image. In the end, both scripts can accomplish what the other does by running the numbers in your head. It really depends on what you are trying to do exactly to determine which script is best suited for the task. Thanks again Rob!

But how to render the grid ? i will like a option to render the grid on a new transparent layer, OR a tip on how do manually This because i often need diagonal OR oblique grid, if the grid is rendered on a transparent layer i may easy solve 1 enlarging image canvas 2 using the script 3 rotating the layer with the rendered grid as needed 4 cropping back to original size but i can't easily render the grid on a new layer
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