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Window Manager

Is there anyway to merge all the windows into one, like photoshop? Or just make it so all the toolbox and the other mini-window, always stay on top of the main console? It's pointless and too time-consuming to keep having to go to the taskbar, find the toolbox, open it, and finally be able to use a tool. That is the only thing that gives photoshop a major edge on gimp. I don't know what the developers of Gimp were thinking on this one cause itwould be a great program, if it could keep all the windows together. My email is if you know a way to fix this. thanks!


Thew toolbox and other dock windows are kept on top of the image window(s) in GIMP 2.6.x

This does even make some users think that this behaviour is a bug, so it seems to work well across the major platforms ;)

In the preferences, this is in the window management section, the hint for toolbox and dock windows. If your window manager does implement the default "utility" setting in a sensible way, then it will keep them on top.

If you want toolbox always on top but you dislike that "utility window" behavior chose third option," Keep on Top" Or as suggested try again "utility window" but this time check what happen hitting the TAB key, (maybe you miss that it will hide/show the Toolbox )
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