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Pattern Scale

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By request at GimpTalk...

A script to take the current pattern, scale it and leave a copy in the clipboard. Gimp 2.6 lets you use the image in the clipboard as a fill pattern, so you can just use it from there

Scale is from 20% to 500% It used Lanczos scaling working a a tiled copy of the image, so if the source pattern is tileable the scaled one will be as well.

You can access the script by right clicking on a pattern and selecting "Scale Pattern..."

I have added an option to call either sharpen or unsharp mask interactively so the sharpness can be adjusted visually before the pattern is placed in the clipboard.

Updated to v1.2 - Now handles patterns rescaled larger than 512x512. If larger than 512x512 it will save the scaled pattern to a file, refresh patterns, and set the active pattern to be the saved file. (It uses the same pattern file name every time, so calling the script repeatedly wil not build up a large number of scaled pattern files.)

-Rob A>

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It may not work with all patterns, but it would be really useful to be able to rotate the pattern to a specific direction, even if it's only in cardinal directions, or 45 degree increments.

I've updated this so that it will now create scaled patterns larger than the clipboard size (512x512) by saving them to a pattern file, reloading the patterns and setting it active.

-Rob A>

Excellent idea RobA. Going to download it after typing this message. Have to add that I use your Pattern Scale preset way too often and am greatful for it. :)

I added an option to call either sharpen or unsharp mask interactively so you can see the results before the pattern is saved to the clipboard. Hope this makes it more useful for some folks. -Rob A>

500%?..that is a lot! will be not better add ,as options, a additional unsharp mask step ,? may improve dramatic scaling
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