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GREYCstoration was a noise reduction plug-in for GIMP, based on the technique of anisotropic diffusion partial differential equations.

GREYCstoration has been discontinued, and is now replaced by the G'MIC project, which contains all the former GREYCstoration features, but also much much much more !

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EDIT 2011 07 27
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Do we put the .dlls in the plug-in folder too? Or, do we put them in the system folder?


I put the dlls into the same folder as the plugin, and I prefer c:\Users\Francois\.gimp-2.7\plug-ins\ (Win7 64-bit), in order to avoid possible dll overwrites or conflicts.

To PhotoComix - thanks...

To the creator of GMIC - this is an awesome resource. There are so many possibilities with this, between the color mixers and noise reducers, etc. Thanks so much.

yes..but for gmic you should go on

in the same folder with the plugin
you may put everything in a new folder and add the folder path in gimp preference

It is a truly wonderful accessory to have with my GIMP. Excellent noise-reduction, with a surprising amount of detail preservation. In order to get satisfactory effects, you do need to "play around" with the settings, though. I usually set: Strength: 45 Contour Pre.: 75 Noise scale: 4 (The rest at default) A big Thank you to the developers---without GREYCstoration I'd have a ton of noisy photographs. Now they are cleaner, more detailed, and smooth. P.S. Re: "May 4, 2009 - 17:32 — Anonymous" Interesting observation! I've been having the exact same issue for a while, seems like the OK button and main buttons are obscured under the bottom area of the screen. Nothing what I have tried can fix this (even full-screen). However, I did find out that after adjusting the noise-reduction levers, if I click on the "+ zoom" button a couple times, next on the "- zoom", then press "ENTER" on the keyboard several times---noise-reduction is applied just as if I had pressed OK.

Greycstoration worked flawlessly on a poor quality jpg plagued by artifacts. The GIMP plug-in for Linux worked to perfection... Many thanks to the dedicated developers that make such a magic happen!

Hi, I have been looking and looking for this plug-in for Mac Os 10.5.x. The developer's page isn't loading also. Any suggestions? Regards, EnoMetis

as now there is not a mac version as far i know but you may ask to the "wilber love apple" forum, maybe somebody may explain how to compile or even compile it.


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