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grouping layers

I wonder if there is a plug-in or a function for grouping layers in Gimp. I am eager to learn and am hindered by not being able to do this...or is this function of importing PS files into the software?

not yet at the moment you may only chain layers, but not in different groups anyway that even be useful but i may do all kind of image manipulation without... I can't imagine how may be a hindrance to learn except if you are making the mistake to learn Gimp using tutorial for photoshop Importing PS file has as far i know nothing to do with that (or that maybe is a additional problem to open pds, if a pds has text layer, or use unsupported layer mode can't be opened...or may be opened only with delusive results ). But anyway since you quoted PS remember that in gimp format to save work in progress and original is xcf, NOT psd, (then you can even save A COPY as psd, i hope this point clear )

Looks like this functions interests a lot of people. I found these two script, until now, to "act like" grouping layers. I'd say, Google is your best friend... If you find any better, please PM me, I am as eager as you to find a workaround to this lack of function in Gimp. Also about the PS fils, I am able to open any of the files I worked in the past in CS2. I used to saved as optimized for all versions, if I remember correctly. Might be linked to the version you used?
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