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Wavelet Decompose Script-Fu

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wavelet-decompose.scm5.51 KB

This is a Script-Fu script for losslessly decomposing an image into different detail scales. This should be useful for photo post processing (for instance reapairing skin in portraits).

I first saw this function on the plugin "Wavelet Decompose" by marcor. ( - This is also a good description on how image manipulation can benefit from wavelet decompositing.) I believe the Script-Fu script produces very similar results to marcor's plugin. (I did not use marcor's plugin for myself, so I can't really tell. But the description on the plugin is very good and I used it as a reference.)

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with installing plugins on a Windows system. But I wanted to use a wavelet decompose function on my Windows system. As I also wanted to learn Script-Fu, I thought it would be a cool idea to write a wavelet decompositing script by myself. It would also be a good reason to practice Script-Fu.

So this is my first Script-Fu script and I hope also useful submission to the GIMP registry. (At least for those who are not able to install Plugins on their Windows systems ;-P)

After installing this script (copy to your scripts-directory), you should find a new entry "Wavelet Decompose ..." in your Image-menu.

Maybe this script also runs on GIMP 2.4 or older versions. But I was testing it only on version 2.6. Please write a comment, if you ran the script on 2.4 or older without errors. Thank you!

Description on the parameters:

Minimum Scale:
Enter the pixel size of the smallest Scale (Scale 1). For instance the default value "1" shows only the sharpes available details on the Scale 1 layer. Enter higher values if you work on higher resolution photos.

Scale Count:
Enter how many layers of detail scales you want.

Scale Increase Factor:
This tells the script how many times the next scale should be larger (showing rougher details) than the previous.

Scale Constant Increase:
How many pixels should the details on the next scale be rougher than the previous scale.

Work on Copy:
This option creates a new image. If you disable this option the original image will be flattened and then the decomposition is done on the original image.

Code License: 
GIMP Version: 
Scripting Engine: 


I have written a tutorial on how I use Wavelet Decompose here: there are lots of photos and a video to watch as well.

Install plugin in windows is no more complex then install script, just you need to move the plugin's binary (the .exe , i.e plasma2.exe for plasma2 plugin) in a gimp plugin folder, or use Edit/preference to link the content of a new plugin folder. What may be more complex in windows is build plugins from source code,but no install compiled plugin On the contrary many found harder in Windows install script then plugin

Thank you. That sounds like installing a plugin is pretty much the same like installing a script. I thought, I always have to build the plugin from source before installing it. I just realized now, a compiled version for Windows (of the Wavelet Decompose plugin) is also available.
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