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GIMP Unified Resource Manager (GURM)

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This plugin was created at my suggestion by Sagenlicht at the cartographers' guild website

It is a python plugin (so you need to have python installed) that can dynamically manage all the resources that gimp can use. (It is basically an extension of the brush manager plugin). He has given me permission to post it here :)

GURM stands for GIMP Unified Resource Manager and is based on the idea of the Brush Manager by Sean Bogie. Contrary to Sean's Brush Manager GURM can handle brushes, gradients, palettes, patterns and scripts (Script-Fu). It uses parts of his code.

**** Update 08.01.2009 ****
New version of GURM is out.

Change log for GURM V0.7:

* Added some basic error windows
- GURM now tells you, if the paths set in the gurm.ini are wrong
- GURM now tells you, if it cant find the gurm.ini
Earlier versions simply closed without any feedback
* Started to clean up the code
* Fixed progress bar count
* Added support for .jpg, .png, .tiff, .bmp and .gif files for the Pattern Manager
* Added support for .svg files for the Gradient Manager
* Fixed sorting for GUI

Please consider to upgrade to this version, even if you do not need its changes, as I plan to write an upgrade script beginning with the next update for GURM, which will make updating easier. This script will require V0.7 or later as I made a minor code change how the script searches for the gurm.ini.

How to upgrade

* Unzip the attached to a temporary folder
* Copy the new to the plug-ins folder. Please be sure to either remove the old version or overwrite it.
* Set the path to the gurm.ini in the new Please be aware that it has changed in this version. Be sure to read the readme.
* Version 0.7 has a change to the gurm.ini file which means:
* You either have to overwrite your existing gurm.ini with the new one and set the paths again (recommended for less computer experienced peps as you can follow the readme)
* Or add the changes manually:
- change the pattern manager extensions line to (be careful to end the line with a "," and dont use any spaces between the ",":
extensions = .pat,.jpg,.png,.tiff,.bmp,.gif,
- change the gradient manager extensions line to (be careful to end the line with a "," and dont use any spaces between the ",":
extensions = .ggr,.svg,

Quick upgrade for those who allready manually fixed the gurm.ini
If you allready did those gurm.ini changes you do not have to do anything with the gurm.ini - just replace the existing in your plug-ins folder with the new version and reset the path to the gurm.ini in it.

First time installation
If you dont update and downloading GURM for the first time, please be sure to read the readme. It tells you how to setup GURM properly. It is easier than it actually reads

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I am using Gimp 2.6 on Lucid Ubuntu. I have a compiled version of Gimp with Gimp-Painter I don't know if that would cause an issue or not.

Thank you for this superb plug-in. Everything works as expected on Gimp 2.6 after following the clear instructions in the readme. This is a great replacement for, and improvment on brush-manager, which does not appear to work under 2.6 (at least, for me). Excellent work.

Trying to use GURM on a Linux Debian installation. It appears in the Filters menu and starts OK, but immediately complains that gurm.ini was not found. The path I gave in is correct, I multiple-checked it, and even changed it to another place. The needed quotations are present. Python version is 2.5.5.

Hello olecarme
I had a couple of issues installing it myself in the beginning on lmde.
The tutorial is great but I forgot a couple of things to get it going myself.
the two main things I forgot was to make the link in edit>prefrences>folders to the gimp path, I thought it had to be left blank, the folder itself had to be blank but the path needed to be there still and writeable, and installOptions I set to 3, make sure all the folders are chmoded properly and the files are executable ( and gurm.ini).
I know this is kind of late getting to you I guess but it works for me now. :)
I also used the /home/your folder name/.gimp-2.6/brushes path as gimps path instead of /usr/share/gimp/2.0/brushes.
It worked fine after this.
Hope this helps
If you have anymore issues getting it to work on linux feel free to ask me, I'll help you out.

Thanks again MareroQ for the help.

Just wondered if you'd checked the backslashes in the paths you put in the gurm.ini and files; on the readme, the backslashes are \ (top left to bottom right), as per Windows, but on a Linux system you would want the other backslashes / (top right to bottom left). It's an easy thing to miss (I did at first), especially if you cut and paste.

Gurm is a powerful tool but you should read well the instruction to set it up correctly
I could not explain better then there

so look to the README file

Just a tip (on windows at least). Your resources in the INSTALL_DIRs must not be read only, otherwise they don't get removed properly when deselected. -Rob A>

I have spent the last three days trying to get gurm set up in 2.8. I have Win XP OS. The gurm window opens, but I can't get my brushes to show up. ( please note here...I'm a grandma who has self taught what I know so I am not a complete novice but am no script writer either) I have read all that I can find on this and your tip here has me stumped. How do I change my brushes file and it's 'tag' folders with-in, to read only? I've tried the check box at the bottom to the flies properties, but it doesn't work. Here is what I have in my ini :
[Brush Manager]
useManager =yes
gimpPath = C:\Documents and Settings\Betty Parks\.gimp-2.8\plug-ins\gurm.ini.ini
userPath =C:\Documents and Settings\Betty Parks\.gimp-2.8\plug-ins\gurmbrushes
extensions = .gbr,.vbr,.gih,.abr,
installed Options = basic,BP,media,favs

Any help you can offer or places where I can find help will be much appreciated.

ThankYou so much, Bettty


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