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GIMP Unified Resource Manager (GURM)

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This plugin was created at my suggestion by Sagenlicht at the cartographers' guild website

It is a python plugin (so you need to have python installed) that can dynamically manage all the resources that gimp can use. (It is basically an extension of the brush manager plugin). He has given me permission to post it here :)

GURM stands for GIMP Unified Resource Manager and is based on the idea of the Brush Manager by Sean Bogie. Contrary to Sean's Brush Manager GURM can handle brushes, gradients, palettes, patterns and scripts (Script-Fu). It uses parts of his code.

**** Update 08.01.2009 ****
New version of GURM is out.

Change log for GURM V0.7:

* Added some basic error windows
- GURM now tells you, if the paths set in the gurm.ini are wrong
- GURM now tells you, if it cant find the gurm.ini
Earlier versions simply closed without any feedback
* Started to clean up the code
* Fixed progress bar count
* Added support for .jpg, .png, .tiff, .bmp and .gif files for the Pattern Manager
* Added support for .svg files for the Gradient Manager
* Fixed sorting for GUI

Please consider to upgrade to this version, even if you do not need its changes, as I plan to write an upgrade script beginning with the next update for GURM, which will make updating easier. This script will require V0.7 or later as I made a minor code change how the script searches for the gurm.ini.

How to upgrade

* Unzip the attached to a temporary folder
* Copy the new to the plug-ins folder. Please be sure to either remove the old version or overwrite it.
* Set the path to the gurm.ini in the new Please be aware that it has changed in this version. Be sure to read the readme.
* Version 0.7 has a change to the gurm.ini file which means:
* You either have to overwrite your existing gurm.ini with the new one and set the paths again (recommended for less computer experienced peps as you can follow the readme)
* Or add the changes manually:
- change the pattern manager extensions line to (be careful to end the line with a "," and dont use any spaces between the ",":
extensions = .pat,.jpg,.png,.tiff,.bmp,.gif,
- change the gradient manager extensions line to (be careful to end the line with a "," and dont use any spaces between the ",":
extensions = .ggr,.svg,

Quick upgrade for those who allready manually fixed the gurm.ini
If you allready did those gurm.ini changes you do not have to do anything with the gurm.ini - just replace the existing in your plug-ins folder with the new version and reset the path to the gurm.ini in it.

First time installation
If you dont update and downloading GURM for the first time, please be sure to read the readme. It tells you how to setup GURM properly. It is easier than it actually reads

Code License: 
GIMP Version: 
Scripting Engine: 


I don't know if I did something wrong or not or it just does this.
After getting this to work I tried to create a gradient, tried to save it and it shut down gimp totally and would not let me create one. Is this normal?
The only way I could save a graidient I made was to comment out the gradient part of the python code and wipe it out in the ini file and delete the file it created for gradients in the home folder, then it let me save gradients again that I created.
Not a big deal for me because gradients usually don't take long to load anyhow and I don't mind loading them all at once.
I did chmod everything to work properly, the same as the other folders that work, but maybe having it save in the same folder gurm loads and removes gradients (.gimp-2.6/gradients) gimps path, crashes gimp.
Any suggestions for this one?
For me it's no big deal but maybe it might be for someone else.
For now I had to rid the code of gradients.
Thanks in advance

I have never seen this behaviour and can not duplicate.

I use GURM for patterns, brushes, and gradients, but under windows.

-Rob A>

I just redid it all over again and now it works and can save gradients again.
The only thing I did different was right click on the folder /.gimp-2.6/gradients and choose permissions and made it executable, but I did a sudo chmod 777 on the same folder before which should of worked but didn't, very strange indeed.
Ok for those who come up with the same issue make sure you right click the folder change permissions to executable instead of chmoding it through the terminal, very strange but it works now.
I might as well keep using it this way.
Thanks again Rob
Great plug-in if you need me to test anymore on linux let me know.

I'm using GURM in Ubuntu and none of my GURM .gimp folders are executable or have chmod 777.

To avoid confusion, I created specific GURM folders for all content outside of the .gimp-2.6 folder.

Rob's py plug-in worked for me right out of the box, with the only difference involved setting up the .ini file userpath to my new GURM folders.

Example of my ini file:

[Brush Manager]
useManager = yes
gimpPath = /home/mahvin/.gimp-2.6/brushes
userPath = /home/mahvin/My Gimp/brushes
extensions = .gbr,.vbr,.gih,.abr,
installedOptions = Abstract,Homemade,Snowflakes,Special,Speech Bubbles,

I have mine set up the same way, it always was, having the user path outside.
[Gradient Manager]

useManager = yes

gimpPath = /home/sam/.gimp-2.6/gradients

userPath = /home/sam/gimpfiles/gradients

extensions = .ggr,.svg,

installedOptions = grads,

it was the gimp path that was creating the issue for me, don't know what happened but it was the weirdest thing I seen yet and no reason for it at all, who knows, but it works now, I know if I left it as it was there was an issue for some reason, but I'm on a debian rolling testing version through mint so maybe it's something with debian (ubuntu comes from debian but they change it for themselves then let it loose on the world) I get all the updates from debian itself.
Don't quite understand it unless I did something else wrong, who knows, but it works now.
I passed this onto to the forum its a great plug-in that needs to get out there more.
Hopefully they will add it to the repos one day.

what commands to [hard]link the directories so I can leave my GIMP resources where they default but please GRUM?

I am not a techie but this was easy to use and install. My gimp is loading much more quickly. I didn't realize the amount of resources I'd added until recently. Thanks a bunch for this!

GURM is a very,very important plugin - is it possible to add in the next version:
1. Manager filters *.8bf (charging too much of filters makes their lack of action) - if this is possible with the function refresh and perhaps with subdirectories for complex filters ?
Because if You do not - then who? AS YOU ALL HOPE !
2. Manager plugins *.py and / or *. exe (because some are mutually exclusive - example: fille png of file apng) - better with more features - you can always disable them. Is it possible to: select the files and not directories ?

ps. GURM sometimes it can be run only once for the selected option and ceases to operate (without an error message). It is possible that this error is only for me - too much I would at once ?

Yours sincerely:
impatient MareroQ

i don't think there is a command to refresh plugin

but IF there is would be not needed a different command to refresh 8bf filters:
reload PSPI after changing the paths for 8bf would already solve

I'm having issues getting this to work. I have followed the detailed instructions on the read-me, but when I start it up, though I can access the Gui, nothing seems to be loading visually. I started gimp in the terminal to watch for any errors, but nothing related to Gurm comes up.

Please assist, I really need to have manageable brushes and patterns >.<

Thank you for your plugin and for your time.


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