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GIMP Unified Resource Manager (GURM)

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This plugin was created at my suggestion by Sagenlicht at the cartographers' guild website

It is a python plugin (so you need to have python installed) that can dynamically manage all the resources that gimp can use. (It is basically an extension of the brush manager plugin). He has given me permission to post it here :)

GURM stands for GIMP Unified Resource Manager and is based on the idea of the Brush Manager by Sean Bogie. Contrary to Sean's Brush Manager GURM can handle brushes, gradients, palettes, patterns and scripts (Script-Fu). It uses parts of his code.

**** Update 08.01.2009 ****
New version of GURM is out.

Change log for GURM V0.7:

* Added some basic error windows
- GURM now tells you, if the paths set in the gurm.ini are wrong
- GURM now tells you, if it cant find the gurm.ini
Earlier versions simply closed without any feedback
* Started to clean up the code
* Fixed progress bar count
* Added support for .jpg, .png, .tiff, .bmp and .gif files for the Pattern Manager
* Added support for .svg files for the Gradient Manager
* Fixed sorting for GUI

Please consider to upgrade to this version, even if you do not need its changes, as I plan to write an upgrade script beginning with the next update for GURM, which will make updating easier. This script will require V0.7 or later as I made a minor code change how the script searches for the gurm.ini.

How to upgrade

* Unzip the attached to a temporary folder
* Copy the new to the plug-ins folder. Please be sure to either remove the old version or overwrite it.
* Set the path to the gurm.ini in the new Please be aware that it has changed in this version. Be sure to read the readme.
* Version 0.7 has a change to the gurm.ini file which means:
* You either have to overwrite your existing gurm.ini with the new one and set the paths again (recommended for less computer experienced peps as you can follow the readme)
* Or add the changes manually:
- change the pattern manager extensions line to (be careful to end the line with a "," and dont use any spaces between the ",":
extensions = .pat,.jpg,.png,.tiff,.bmp,.gif,
- change the gradient manager extensions line to (be careful to end the line with a "," and dont use any spaces between the ",":
extensions = .ggr,.svg,

Quick upgrade for those who allready manually fixed the gurm.ini
If you allready did those gurm.ini changes you do not have to do anything with the gurm.ini - just replace the existing in your plug-ins folder with the new version and reset the path to the gurm.ini in it.

First time installation
If you dont update and downloading GURM for the first time, please be sure to read the readme. It tells you how to setup GURM properly. It is easier than it actually reads

Code License: 
GIMP Version: 
Scripting Engine: 


Thank you so much! His directions are clear. Please read slowly, but surely you'll get it.

For those who are having trouble:

I have Windows 7 and I had to change C:\Documents and Settings\username goes here\.gimp-2.8\brushes


C:\Users\username goes here\.gimp-2.8\brushes

Since my computer was set up a different way.

I hope that helps!

I spent weeks trying to figure this one out [after installing python, realizing that gimp 2.8 comes w/python already], until I came across a gentleman who made a youtube video of installing it....if you start fresh (with gurm still unpacked in download file) and follow everything he says to do, including making a "gurm" folder in C [when in library folder on right pane list - if click once on C [OS] in left pane to highlight it, you can then right click to make folder called "gurm" - don't capitalize nothing - then w/in "gurm" make file for "brushes", then within this file make your misc. files for brushes] - now follow along [of course I paused a lot] and you will have gurm for gimp 2.8.2 on windows 7!!! [I apologize if this is not a link - wait, it did post as a link!!]

Though I use linux now I was once a windows user.

Why not use windows variables to make "editing" the user doc folders less traumatic?


new-windows that motivates migration to linux might want


I get the dialog okay.
But after selecting a brush folder and selecting ok nothing happens.

EDIT- Scratch that...after a fresh install it worked fine.However i am now using 8.0.
Thanks Mike!


Thanks RobA.
I just installed it in Gentoo Linux.
The gurm.ini file should NOT be made executable.
After all it's a configure file.
I followed the instructions in this thread and made it executable though I thought that strange.
At restarting Gimp I see error messages that it cannot execute Brush Manager and more like that.I made gurm.ini nonexecutable and the errors are gone while Gurm still runs ok.

I think it has to do with using the same path at the same time, I can test it again and try a few more things to see if I can get it going, might just be a linux thing because the file system is set up different then windows.
I thought it was a recent update of python but I deleted everyhting and tried again without it and it worked fine, so I deleted the gradient parts and it worked fine, soon as I add them the same thing happens again, it's no big deal for me since I don't mind using it for gradients at all, but I'm sure there are some that might want it.
I'll check the code to see if there is another way around this for you Rob or just test a few more ideads that imght work and let you know.
Maybe I can set another path for the loading and removing just for that part.
oops sorry this was supposed to be a reply for Rob's message below, sorry about that.

I tried everything to get this thing working because it would be fantastic if I had it going especially for my brushes as everyone knows well enough can kill you at start up.
I have linux mint debian edition (LMDE)
running python 2.6.6-14
everything is up to date and I even chmod the brush files in the system folder to 644 just to make sure it would read it.
still no go, I made sure the ini file and py file were excutable, all paths are correct, it loads but does nothing, the brushes sometimes crashes as well.
it just says removing old files and loading new ones then it disapears and nothing, I try refreshing the brushes and still nothing.
I'll even be willing to test this thing out if you can get in touch with me to get this working on linux, it seems I am not the only one with issue in linux.
I am using gimp 2.6.11
cairo is 1.8.8-1+b2
crypto 2.3-2
anything else you need let me know, lets get this thing working on linux somehow, it's a fantastic tools that needs to be in the repos.

Is it really the files are copied from the UserPath to gimpPath (checked in catalogs) ?
Try this:
1. Verify directories gimpPath are writable ( also in Edit -> Preferences -> Folder -> Brushes).
2. Start with a blank directory (no files) specified in gimpPath; also in the file gurm.ini
installedOptions =
3. Start Gimp -> GURM.
Does this help?

how would you have it manage both the local directory- and global directory for each gimp resource?

You made me a very happy man today.
My problem was I deleted all directories from (Edit -> Prefrences -> Folder -> Brushes ) totally
so it did not read anything, I watched them copy and remove files from the gimp path so that was working fine.
It was a stupid mistake on my part, plus I never put installedOptions = 3, which didn't help either I left it blank.
I have to remind myself to not do this when I am tired.
Thanks a lot MareroQ
You been a huge help and I'll pass this along to other gimper users in linux.
Maybe I can talk to my distro and see if we can get this in the repos, this tool is a must for gimp.
Do you know if this is going to be included in gimp 8 as a standard or not?
This should be included as a standard in gimp instead of the brush manager they have now which makes you shut it down and restart it and only allows so many (it is a headache to deal with that way).
Thanks again
I'm glad I have this now.


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