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G'MIC : GREYC's Magic for Image Computing

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The G'MIC plug-in for GIMP proposes a set of various filters to apply on your images, including artistic effects, image denoising and enhancement algorithms, 3D renderers, etc.. It is a quite large plug-in, integrating a lot of different effects.

This plug-in is able to :

  • Propose an image preview window for each available filter.
  • Manage multi-layers inputs and outputs. G'MIC defines filters to compose layers or create animations from static images.
  • Update his list of filter definitions from the Internet, so it is able to improve itself over time.
  • Allow any user to add its own custom filters in it, written in the G'MIC language interpreted by the internal image processing engine.

G'MIC has been written by the author of GREYCstoration, a GIMP plug-in dedicated to image denoising and smoothing. All former GREYCstoration algorithms have been improved and integrated into G'MIC.

Latest version of G'MIC is numbered :

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A quite complete overview of available image effects can be seen on the official G'MIC plug-in page.

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This is great :-) Hope the following is taken with my admiration for what you've done understood!! When I saw Photocomix's post on Gimp-user list I ran G'IMC in Gimp, did an update and got the link to the sourceforge site Am I correct that (as-of 2009-01-23 02:47 EST) it has not yet been updated to - I think it is still Question: is there/can there be an RSS-feed I can subscribe to that will alert me to new releases G'IMC plugin for GIMP in case I neglect to run Update? Suggestion: When user alters parameters in Gimp plugin could you display (in a format that it can be copied) the G'IMC command that will be executed if user hits [Apply] or [OK]. Benefit: allows user to build a "library" of the ones that work/learn how the parameters work for subsequent manual use. i.e. so that if pasted in Custom G'imc Command the same effect would be obtained. Possibly add a [x] Show source checkbox? I compared .gmic4gimp_def.1301 to .gmic4gimp_def.1302 (and made copies of each) in order to spot which filters had been modified. I'm not sure how long or how often you will be posting new masters but am I correct that absent bumping release versions the next filter-set would just overwrite the existing one? Maybe you could automatically make a backup (or use a minor release number)? At this early date detailed change logs are probably not needed but if the "#@gimp Release notes" could show a list of added / changed filters it would allow interested users to check them out. User functions: I put these lines (from the sample provided in #@gimp Adding user-defined filters) in .gmic4gimp_def.1302 == #@gimp My effect : my_effect, my_effect, Sigma = float[2,0,10] my_effect : --blur $1 -n 0,255 -xor == below #@gimp Custom G'MIC command and above #@gimp _Additionnal informations Filter "My effect" shows up but is apparently a NOP (no changes in either the preview or when [Apply]ed) what would be the expected effect of the above? Also: Am I correct that if I have defined some filters of my own and do [Update filters] my changes will be reversed? I thought at first/hoped that I could create a new file: .gmic4gimp_def.txt and filters in it would be added to the "standard" filters but this does not appear to be how it works? Question: Is it feasible when the user selects [Update filters] and no new version is available to say so. AFAICT there is no way other than going out to Explorer (I;m running WinXP) to tell whether there was in fact a new version. Regards ... Alec

Hi Alec, I worked hard today to improve the plug-in :) I've released a new version, which is basically the same as the previous one, except that : - Parameters are now 'remembered' for each filter. You can set parameters for one filter, do something else, and when you're back, your parameters have been preserved. This was not an easy task, since there are a lot of filters. Of course, this also works with all user-defined filters too. - I added a combobox on the left pane that can be used to choose the verbosity level of the plug-in. If verbosity is selected, then the messages coming from the G'MIC interpreter are displayed on the standard error (you need to have run GIMP for a console to see this, of course). Concerning your question : - The update of the G'MIC plug-in for GIMP replace the old file. Basically, you may need to change the Sourceforge mirror to avoid getting the old file version that is in your browser cache. - The update of the new filters is not particularly planed on a regular basis. Of course, the plug-in is still quite young, and I'm trying to polish the main engine. Proposing new plug-ins should be done afterwards more often when all the core stuffs will be working perfectly. - User-defined filters : Take care that you put '[' and ']' instead of '(' and ')' in your filter expression. Also, your own filters should be added to your own file .gmic4gimp (without the '_def'), in the same directory as your update file (basically on Windows, it should be in : C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\Application Data). - Of course, updating the filter list do not destroy your own filters, since the update use the file '.gmic4gimp_def.xxxx' while your filters are defined in the file '.gmic4gimp'. These are two separate files, so no danger here. - Concerning your last question, it would be quite interesting to have such a message, but actually, this is not so easy to do in a proper way, and I don't think this feature would be important enough to spend too much time on it. Hope you'll enjoy the new version ! David.

I may confirm the files where updated, i really enjoy the new version As far as Wish-list/suggestion i would like the possibility to save/load presets (user's paramethers used running the filters). Changes of usability in few days where impressive and all for the better, thank a lot for your hard work

this "Gimc4gimpprecompiled " First should be mislabeled if "precompiled" can't be "platform independent " and vice versa. (at least if thepack do not contain binary for all most commune OS ) Then is a bit unusual compress linux packages in a zip, even more unusual when all other packages where as expected tar.gz and .deb So i supposed inside was also a Windows binary But not Inside the zip there is no Windows binary only other 2 zip "gimc4gimp_linux32" and Gimc4gimp_linux64" each with inside a single file of 2 mb with no extension called "gimc4gimp" i believe is something to be fixed,even if the content is for Linux , If for linux a indication on the distro,( if is a deb a rpm or whatever) will be useful

You are right, I just renamed the archive containing the G'MIC plug-ins for GIMP as ''. It now contains all the needed binaries for Linux 32/64bits and Windows 32/64bits architecture. It is now available for download.


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