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Wavelet Sharpen-0.1.2 Windows 32 binary

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A new Windows compilation of the last version of this fine plugin written by Marcor.
No console window. Compiled with LDFLAGS=-mwindos as usual.

(2009/12/26) New compilation of same sources. French localization added. Locale dir fixed this way:
LOCALEDIR = /PROGRA~1/GIMP-2.0/share/locale
Which means (any drive)/Program Files (or Programmi, and so on...)/GIMP-2.0/share/locale for your language files.

The archive contains two directories:

- GIMP-2.0 should be decompressed to your GIMP-2.0 directory in order to get the translations (if they exist in your native language: LANGUAGES = de ru it pl et fr) If you expand the whole dir to you Gimp dir, you will not have to care about the complete path of the translations files.

- plug-ins, either to (drive letter):\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins\ or c:\Documents and Settings(your user name)\.gimp-2.6\plug-ins\ I recommend the latter.

[16th June 2010 Update]:

As some antiviruses displayed a false alert with the executable, I replace it.

If you prefer an automated installation without browsing all those directories, you will find one in this page: (then look for

If you choose the installer, please don't put it into the Gimp plug-ins folder: extract the installer from the zip file, execute it from your desktop (for instance), then you can delete it. The installer is supposed to copy the files into the right folders.

wavelet-sharpen-0.1.2_win32.zip17.72 KB
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No, I copied the wave...exe file to the plug-ins directory. That message came up when GIMP was loading.


GIMP 2.6.8 (had been working very well)
MS Windows XP

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling GIMP - still get error

And, I can't find wavelet Sharpen. I've dropped it into a number of different locations and restarted GIMP but I don't see it.
Does it normally come up under filters/enhance ? I've looked everywhere under "Filters".

I guess I've somehow managed to corrupt my GIMP; still works - I think, but I get that dll warning at each start up of GIMP.

During this same time I also installed Wavlet Decompose - no problems.

I removed all the files I installed with wavelet-sharpen_win32.

Now GIMP boots up without any errors.

I found this compilation built by Francois:
(English only)

I placed it in plug-ins folder and it runs very nicely.

Also, just for my own use, I made screen shots of my GIMP file trees as a reference.

My GIMP has been upgraded quite a few times - so the file structure is kind of wild - do not copy my structure. This is just to give folks with older installs an idea as to how convoluted folder can become.

I guess the screen shot that might help some folks is the one that shows where my plug-ins are - buried:

Thank you Marcor and Francois

that are the files of the program, but you don't need, neither is raccomanded add other files there
( because you will lose whatever you add by updating gimp, because you will easily forgot dll there updating or removing plugin that contain also dll....and because is much more hard keep things organized )

you have another gimp will find starting from C (or how you main drive is called)
more exactly C:/documents and Settings/ YOUR NAME HERE/gimp

there the architetture of the files is much simpler...a folder to add plugin, one to add script, same for brush gradien pattern...and others to add presets (for curve) and gimpimpressionist )

And in case of upgrade that files will be preserved

Thank you PhotoComiX,

Yes, I think that folder was established when I upgraded to 2.6
Here is a screen shot:

And from this screen shot you can see that Plug-in folder is empty:

"And in case of upgrade that files will be preserved"

Thank you for the information.

that folder is always there..even if deleted will be recreated by gimp at next loading.

It is empty because is for you to put things inside..all the folders in C:/documents and Settings/ YOUR NAME HERE/gimp
are at start empty (except for a few files related to the Preferences )

When GIMP tries to load wavelet sharpen (from I get the error message:

Can't find libintl-8.dll

That does not seem to be in the zip file.
I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium. The older version of wavelet sharpen worked fine.

I did not copy the material from the 'share' directory because the instructions above are not clear as to what to do with them.

are you clicking on the wavelet .exe ?
That is not a installer, the exe has to be extracted from the zip and moved inside a gimp plugin folder

you should have in C: Users/Your Name/ a Gimp folder, inside that there is a plugin folder...that is a good place

(and has anything to do with "share")

Bullguard antivirus picked up a 'trojan generic' virus in this.

Have you sent the file to the creators of this Antivirus program to confirm? If not, please do it.


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