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Multifill and Flatten

Does anyone know if the MultiFill and Flatten Photoshop plugins found at have GIMP plugin analogues, either in python or script-fu?

If not, would someone with enough skill be willing to help out GIMP-using comic artists the world over? I'm not a programmer or a scripter, just an artist looking for an easier way to do flatting than by bucket-filling or coloring every blank space by hand.

Thank you

The following script needs some finishing touches, but may be of some use as it stands. It does not provide the "join areas" function (my algorithm for that is rather convoluted and there is probably a better method). The result of the script is similar to that of Mr Pelt's Multifill PS plug-in; however, I leave the original black regions selected. In order to accomplish the final "flatting", the user should perform an "Edit->Clear" after running the Multifill script, then perform a "Select->None", and then perform "Filters->Distorts->Value Propagate" in the 'More Opaque' mode as many times as necessary to eliminate all transparency.

Should have posted this sooner. I worked with the original requester and came up with this: -Rob A>
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