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Twist 2.0 ... and Binaries for Microsoft Windows

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This is the Twist 2.0 image distortion plug-in written by Peter Uray.

"[...] The twist maps the input image onto the output image by translating the original
pixels according to a 2d vector field which is determined by the selected distortion
function. In order to support the user's creativity some parameters (up to eight,
depending on the function type selected) can be adjusted, resulting in different
effects. The output of the twist plugin is a geometrically distorted image.
All this applies to layers as well as to images.
The effect of a selected parameter setting can be viewed interactively in the
preview image. [...]"

Seems that it is currently hard to find on the net; hopefully this will become better. Attached are the sources and binaries for Microsoft Windows.

twist-2.0.tar.gz68.68 KB
twist-2.0.zip44.02 KB
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Do You have some screenshots and results?

If was a reply to my message, i did already know that link and i found the info there
of no any pratical help.

To quote myself
"...define the available effects as 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 as in Twist (see interface) is inexcusable.

Just look the interface...

How effect 1 or 2 or R will modify a " R(r)- 4 order poly" ? ...
That to me seems much closer to demency then to math..i bet that not even Stephen Hawkins would be able to solve such riddle ! "

Twist offer the "best" example of puzzling and unintelligible user interface i saw till now
And the author note on the plugin (your link) is of not of any help

i do believe that to decipher that GUI no knowledge in math or geometry would suffice, would be required also a highly professional training in the field of enigmatography

are just preset parameter settings with no real math involved just probably a first setting the author thought looked cool.
1-8 are preset settings and R is for resetting those parameters to the default.

Mostly guess work in my honest opinion, but Lyle created a real cool looking flutterby with it! :)

i doubt that few before/after example may be useful i fear that may be more misleading This plugin can create very different kind of distortions only a video could give the idea of the range of different effects available,and hopefully explain the logic , how to achieve and modify a specific one...that seems a weak point in this plugin i found very hard use this plugin to achieve a planned result, to me is a enigma what effects with names as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 may do, and how the other parameters will interact As pro is very easy stumble on interesting effects just playing with the plugin setting But On the other hand i found almost impossible use this plugin to purposely create or even re-create a specific FX, (for this last problem 2 added "save-Load-preset" buttons will help much.) is a powerful plugin and may create tons of different effects, but is very hard guess how get a wished effect by purpose, and even then imagine how change settings to finetune is far to be easy But anyway i found fascinating what this plugin may do ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I found weird that while changing "Effect"change in a always perceptible way what displaye in the preview, nothing happen in the preview when changing "Function" i can't believe all "Functions" must always get the identical result, if so will be no need to have more then one Function in most cases i believe change "Function" should dramatically change the final result and so what is in the preview but no changes are displayed in the preview, in this cases This on xp i didn't try yet on Linux
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