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My copy of 2.6 must be screwy! No files extns icon in toolbox.

Hi folks, I want to install layerfx.scm and I found the "how to". Either my toolbox is screwy or the file sequence is different to my version. When I do try to 'save target as' I can't find the plug-ins folder. Can't get File in toolbox, cos it's not there! Nor is Extns. I checked the dropdown menus and that isn't helping cos I can't get the path there either.

What should I do?

Nothing is all OK the Xtns menu is moved with 2.6. But anyway you do not need that menu to install that script, just drop it in a gimp script folder (usually in for Win Xp C: Documents and Settings/yourName/Gimp/scripts for Vista C:Users/yourName/Gimp/scripts ) there are many versions of that script so i'm not sure in which menu the script will show up..or somewhere in Filter, or in the Layer menu,

After I closed my session and had a cup of tea, relaxed, that thought popped into my head! But it is frustrating in the learning stages when the program looks different to the help files.

The best solution to this is to help make the help files match the program:

Check this is forstartwith gimp 2.6 all difference are reported As schumaml wrote Gimp Help need help to be updated and volunteers are welcome

In my version of Gimp (2.6) in Italian, I can't find the Xtns menu wich is mentioned in the manual. What's wrong with it? Should I uninstall an download another release for Mac OsX? Thanks.

were some changes in menu with 2.6, not yet reported in the gimp Help xtns menu was removed the content is now mostly in Filter menu and for the Logo scripts in File/Create/Logos this will clear ,even with screenshoot
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