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Pandora simplifies the process of stitching together a sequence of panorama images.

Load all the panorama pieces (in order) as layers inside an image (suggestion: make a new image then "Open as Layers" and select all the files). Then run Filters->Combine->Make Panorama.

You still have to do the detailed matching by hand, but Pandora calculates the needed image size, moves all the layers to approximately the right position and creates appropriate layer masks for fading each image into the next.

pandora-combine-0.9.2.scm5.29 KB
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This worked fine for me. I used Gimp v2.6.6 opened two photo's that had about 50% overlap using Open as layers (Openen als lagen). Then I started this script, let both checkboxes on and the two layers were processed into a third layer. By moving and scaling the layers I could create a near perfect high-res panorama. Gimp crashed a few times, tho (don't know why), but by saving after each step, I could reach my goal. Thanks!

Akkana Hi. System XP32ensp2 gimp 2.4 portable. downloaded 2.4 enabled scripts all seem to work, this one does not show up in filters>combine, neither in script fu console. The directory is correct, I tried several times script is in place but not recognized by portable gimp. Any ideas?
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