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I don't have a phython-fu on the gimp menu.

Im wondering, How to have a python-fu on the gimp menu?


maybe it sounds silly, but have you installed python?

Dont have python. If i install python, then what? what are the steps to configure it? how to add it?

on winxp you must add to the default path the \python\bin directory (to do that, go to start -> control panel -> system -> environment variables; choose the variable "path", add a semicolon, an write the path to the "bin" directory from your python installation) and that's it. restart gimp if you have any python plug-ins installed they should load

Not exactly for Windows OS After installed all what needed for python you must also unistall and reinstall gimp And ,here the point when installing you must chose the CUSTOM option then will become visible also a option for python that you must check

right, i forgot about that step
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