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Export All Layers to Anime Studio Project (ANME)

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Gimp-Export-Layers-To-Anme.scm6.83 KB

This is to use if you have Anime Studio (v5), and want to convert your layered image into an character on that program. The script works on GIMP 2.4.2 and Anime Studio 5, and that's all I've tried it on. Each layer is saved as a 24-bit PNG, using each layer's name as a base, and referenced in the output ANME file. You can choose the output folder for both the ANME file and the image files. You can also rename the ANME file to something besides the base image name, but if unspecified, the ANME's name is the same as the image name, minus the extension.
I have not tried it on, nor did I design it for, layers with masks. I also did not design it to handle any types of blend modes besides normal mode.

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ı didn'd download anime.problem is in ı'am.
my english bad sorry : )

Your script file does not state how it may be distributed. Please included a proper licensing statement there.
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