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Unable to open gif with 2.6.3

There is my problem :

i created gif image files with 2.6.2 and i can't open them with 2.6.3

looks strange. Isn't ?

Should i install a patch or add-on ?

many thanks.


Maybe you should start by explaining what exactly "can't open" means in this context.

Are you sure that the Gif size is bigger then 0kb? some other software may open them? if you use windows you may try with to open them with irfanview or xnview, if they can't open good chances nothing else will One reason may be a error when saving, gimp allow to save with the wrong extension if you wish (ie you may save "imagine.gif" as xcf ) but then can't detect the extension if misnamed(i.e will fail to open "imagine.gif" if is a xcf and not a gif ) anyway irfanview should be able to detect the right extension and prompt you to rename

I cant open gif's either, meaning: gimp only opens 1 image of the total gif. Is there a way to open an all the images that the gifs contains and then edit them? or does anyone know a os program that can convert gifs into videos (like avi pe.)?? without it being a trial or adding stupig logo's..??

The frames of a GIF image are loaded as layers in GIMP.

If you have GAP installed.

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