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Extensions do not show up in Gimp 2.6

I used Gimp for a while and was fond of Davids Batch Processor.
A month ago I reinstalled my Windows XP and downloaded Gimp 2.6.3
Now the tab Extensions is no more in the toolbars.
How can I use the extensions in Gimp 2.6.3.

Thanks in advance


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Schumaml That is where I first looked. But nothing about the Extension Item where I as an user can start plug inns or add ons. That what I am looking for. Just cant't find the Item Extension to start something like Davids Batch Processor. Grtz Klaas

Hello I got it. Just put the extension in the folder gimp-2.0/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/ The plug in item is in the pulldpown menu filters Just try and error that works too :-) Klaas
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