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A Script to guide you to colour-managed printing,


Typically colour rendering differs between devices (monitors, printers). Aside of calibrating the devices to a defined state colour-profiles are used to describe the behaviour of the output-devices. Gimp realises colour-management by using a working-colour-space, a monitor-colour-space to get a good vision on a monitor and a printer-colour-space to be able to render print-previews.

With the availability of good photo-printers there is a need to include them into the colour-management chain by:

  1. keeping the printer in a controlled state (for example HP 9180 and HP 8850 can calibrate themselves, calibrate always with the same paper).
  2. get a colour-profile (or make it) for each paper-type. Leave the colour-relevant settings of your printer-driver untouched after calibration and profiling.  
  3. convert the image from the working-colour-space to the printer-colour-space and
  4. do eventually some enhancements (rotation, scaling, sharpening) and at last
  5. print it.

This script assist for the steps 3 to 5. Colour-Management is only supported for RGB-Images.


  1. Copy the script print-helper.scm to the global script directory
    (for example /usr/share/gimp/2.0/scripts)
    or to your local script directory
    (for example /home/a_user/.gimp-2.4/scripts
  2. Get the colour-profiles, a example for a hp 8850 with advanced photo paper is attached. The default profile-name can be change by editing this line of the script:

    SF-FILENAME _"Print color profile"

  3. To use the sharpening by refocus which is outstanding for colour-images - you have to install the gimp refocus plug-in (see the plug-in registry on
  4. Restart gimp or fresh up the script-fu system.
  5. You will find a entry print-helper in your FILE menu.


There are a several ways to get printer-colour-profiles:

  • Use vendor supplied profiles from printer or paper manufactors. These are mostly produced not with linux systems, therefore it is questionable it they are reliable for linux systems
  • Some vendors offer to make profiles for you
  • You can use vuescan ( profile a printer by using a scanner. Vuescan can even profile your scanner by using an IT8-target (for example from
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I have modified the script a little bit. It works now also on Windows with GIMP 3.6.8. I also changed the location of the icc profiles to the default color directory and moved the script to the printing section. It works now great, until Gimp gets its own colormanagement like photoshop this script is very useful.


I installed in gimp 2.6.3 along with color profile and refocus. Windows XP. Running the script gets GIMP Message print-helper Message Error while executing script-fu-print-helper: Error: Bad syntax of binding spec in let : (theImage) Ray
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