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Re-Focus plug in failing


I have been trying to download the Re-focus plug in via photocomix, when i try to run the download i get an error message:

'libgdk-win32-2.0-0.dll was not found'

Has anyone got any ideas what this means and where i am going wrong???

On a positive note i worked out how to load up the Smart Sharpen Script and get it working - a first with GIMP for me............


A confused Nev

that is not a installer, that is the plugin! just move it in one of the gimp plugin folders. (same for most of gimp plugins under windows,very few require a installer, most need only to be dropped in the plugin folder (did i miss to explain this in the comment and in a How-To-Install file inside the zip?)

Ok fantastic. I moved it into the Plugins folder by hitting the save button on the download window. Still not happy and failing to work. I am doing something wrong??? Nev

the zip? i mean unzip and move the exe file in the plugin folder.

now is fixed, there is a additional reason to compress in zip or the plugin files, most of web host had the bad habit to automatically rename the files, adding the uploader's name or code if zipped is just the zip to be renamed, that do not create any problem , but in this case was not zipped and the way was renamed was not acceptable by some computers again thank for the heads up

Photocomix, Cheers for that as i have just down loaded it onto my Home PC and its all ok. I shall now retry with my Laptop which is where i was having all the problems. Again thankyou. Nev

Ok, When i press the download icon on your site i get the standard Run or Save choice. I chose Save and point the Refocus_*.exe at the GIMP plugin Folder. There is no *.zip. When the *.exe file is in the Plugin Folder i can see it there using Windows Explorer. I have found that if i rename the *.exe as Refocus.exe by removing the long title it then appears to work within GIMP. I am a little confused about the *.zip file you mention??? Cheers Nev

Ahh..thank for the heads up i see what happened. The file was not zipped as the others to protect it to be renamed by Deviantart . will be fixed in a few hour at first break in my work
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