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Compile sources for windows


I have sources that I want absolutely use for Gimp. But I am on windows XP (yes, I know...).
The plugs-in are:
- gimp-sharp-0.15 (the last I have)
- gimp-ace-0.6.7
I know that compilation is quite different than Java (that is very easy in comparaison). I know that I need compilator and packages, librairies. I have them, but someone could tell a good tutorial to use the tools, a good site/blog which speaks the 'how to' very clearly. I know english, french.
The tools:
- cygwin
- gcc2.95.3-10 (package gcc-2)

Thanks for your help!

you may found gimp ace for windows here as far as compiling gimp on windows i believe that a accurate and complete how to is still missed you may found ,well hide in the wilber wiki some info here Note ,that information are obsolete (are about gimp 2.2 ) and not detailed but they may be better then nothing. what is missed there is mostly how to compile Gegl and Babl hopefully if you already know how compile, at least on linux you may found some help on the gimp irc irc:// BTW you will need also MSYS to compile

PS i believe may be not easy compile last gimp-sharp for windows...more then compile you may need to port it. but if you succeed please let us and the author know
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