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How to use the version, tags and license fields efficiently


I'm currently seeing a lot of plug-ins and scripts that do use the versions and tags fields in way that won't help  the user very much.

For example:

  • If you type the version information like "2.4 2.6", you will will create a new version called "2.4 2.6". If you want to tell the users that the plug-in or script runs on GIMP 2.4 and GIMP 2.6, then specify it as "2.4, 2.6" without the "-quotes or simply click on the predefined values below the field.
    Please not that values like "any" or "2.4 and later" are not that helpful, either. 
  • The same applies for tags. "this is a fancy gimp script" create this phrase as a new, single tag. If you wanted each word as its own tag, add commas. "this, is, a, fancy, gimp, script" would add each word as its own tag
  • Please note that the previous tags example does also contain some very useless tags - this is the gimp registry, so we can skip the "gimp, and "this" and "is" are too generic to be useful. If the "fancydoes apply to e.g. a logo created by the plug-in or script, then "logo, fancy" would be a good set of tags.
  • Please do not include the version as a tag. You did specify it in the version field already, remember?
  • Like for the version, you can also click on existing tags to add them. As you can easily see by browsing the existing tags, we've already got too many of them - some cleanup is necessary.
  • Please make sure that you specify the correct license in the license field. The license for scripts and plug-ins is usually mentioned in the source code as well, and this might be the only thing that does allow you to (re-)publish code not written by yourself.
  • Please note that for GNU GPL and GNU LGPL licenses, it is important to know whether the code is limited to one specific release for this license (e.g. "GPLv2") or also any later version ("GPLv2+"). GPLv2-only code can not use GPLv3- or LGPLv3licensed libraries, and GIMP is supposed to switch to version 3 of the GNU GPL. GEGL is licensed under LGPLv3 already, so if you intend to use it in your plug-ins, then this does matter for you even now.
  • If you are unsure about choosing a license for the script or plug-in that you have created, youcan have a look at - this project is supposed to be a user-friendly way of choosing the right license for your work, and also have catchy acronyms for the licenses. For example, when you state that something is licensed as CC-BY-SA, then many people (at least in the Free and Open Source Software World) will know exactly what you're talking about.
    Pleae note that not assigning a license does forbid the (re-)use of your code in some jurisdictions.
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