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Fake high dynamic range effect for Gimp

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Fake HDR effect script-fu-v0.2.zip17.43 KB

HDR Fake Effect is a script for The GIMP
This script produces a fake HDR effect + on an image
I follow the tut of jneurock at and then creat this script-fu
here the link :
Note :
If you want to use Fake HDR plus then you may need do this tutorial
one time for know what the input value do these work.
The script use some code from Dodge burn is a script for The GIMP
by Harry Phillips
The script is located in " / Script-Fu / Enhance / HDR Fake Effect..."
You can check script in here or the file attachment :
Example image :

Stock : Photobucket

After using this Script :

Thanks and have fun
Copyright (C) 2008 Bui The Thang
This script-fu release in The GNU General Public License version 3
Change log : 21/11/08 (local time GMT +7h)
Updated the plus script to 0.3
- add softglow value for more customize
- add select with slide

Code License: 
GIMP Version: 
Scripting Engine: 


i use gimp 2.6 on linuxmint 13 (maya-cinnamon)
and this script make me feel like on fly.......
can you imagine just set click ok....and you have good colour correction...
if you used photoshop,you must use curve,hue and satturation and many more to have pict like using this script..
thanks a lot for share this awesome script...

noobie here very excited about trying out this plug-in! =) put this in the plug-in area of my gimp install and it shows up just fine in the Filters menu buuutttt....

when i tried it on a picture, i used the settings that opened up in it ie, layer opacity 95.00. when i clicked on OK, it simultaneously gave me two warning messages:

1. dynamic range increase message
error while executing script-fu-Eg-DynamicRangeIncrease
error vector-ref: out of bounds 1

2. GIMP message
Plug-in 'Dynamic Range Increase' left image undo in inconsistent state, closing open undo groups.

gimp seems to have closed the plug-in with no effect upon the picture - i can still edit it just fine but without using that plug-in. any ideas what's going on here? i'm using windows 7 - hope that's not the problem. thanks in advance for any available help. =)

Do you have something wrong?

script-fu-Eg-DynamicRangeIncrease is not this script. Mine is hdr-eff-plus.scm

and is not on Filter. It's registed on : /Script-Fu/Enhance/Fake HDR Effect plus...
and /Script-Fu/Enhance/Fake HDR Effect...

You have to check what's script-fu-Eg-DynamicRangeIncrease script is. Where you download it and ask the author how to fix.

Sorry! I can't help you

I have downloaded this script, but it will not show up in the Script-Fu in GIMP. I placed it in the scripts folder, do I need to be placing it somewhere else?

Do you place it on the wrong dir? Please recheck

It's on right script-fu menu with the same level with files, filters... menu

Error while executing script-fu-fake-hdr-effect-adaptive:

Error: eval: unbound variable: plug-in-ace

I've tried all the variable setting ideas from googling fixing script-fu's, but I just don't understand scheme well enough to get the idea of how to do it.



You're referring to the Fake HDR Adaptive script. Have you tried deleting and downloading the .scm file again? (Just in case you didn't undo any potential typos.)

i like a lot the output ,especially in your examples nice script But i found script name misleading HDR , true or fake do not boost the colors as in your examples and in that on tutorial page Maybe something as Color-boost-HDR or Technicolor-HDR will describe better the effect (is not needed to add "fake" all hdr scripts for gimp create fake hdr since the real requires 16bit )
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