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Gimp ace-0.6.7 Win32

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Fresh Windows compilation of Gimp ace2 (Adaptive Contrast Enhancement) plugin. 50 Kb exe, 20 Kb zip. No console window.
[Image]/Filters/Color/Adaptive contrast

gimp-ace_win32.zip20.13 KB
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When I load GIMP(2.6, on Vista) I get an error that states "gimp-ace.exe - Unable To Locate Component - This application has failed to start because libintl-8.dll was not found.. " Where do I get libintl-8.dll and where on my pc do I need to put it?

I have compiled it on Windows, but the file size is too big - 500+ KB :( I have used it (GIMP 2.4.2, Windows XP) without problems. _______________ Best regards, Kraig Font River

Mine is 50 Kb. If you want to get smaller binaries, just add -CFLAGS=s at the end of your compilation command line (under Windows or Linux). This switch tells the compiler to strip debug code. I don't know why it most people forget that option: even when you compile Gimp under Linux, which nearly anybody can do easily), it can save much space on your HD. Under Windows, don't forget to add LDFLAGS=mwindows: this switch tells the linker to create a console-free Windows executable.
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