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Help create a pdf with embedded fonts! ...please

I've been searching everywhere for help to figure out how to take my gimp files and create a pdf that has the font I've used embedded...

I'm not sure if the problem is on the Distiller end?? or the Gimp side?... I've tried saving as a .ps in gimp. Then using adobe distiller to open a pdf. And tried a zillion different tweaks to get it to find the font, but no luck!

All this work is just trapped until I can get the font embedded to send it to print. Ideas?!

Prob too late to help you but... GIMP is likely the wrong tool for the job - the embedded part anyway. If the text is relatively large, then the printer should be OK with a 300 or 600 DPI image with no font information. If they insist on embedded fonts, you might try placing the background image into another program (Inkscape?) and printing to Distiller (or the ghostscript PDF printer via redmon, or the CUPS pdf printer in linux). HTH, Chris
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