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Shadows and Highlights

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This plugin does a pretty good job of eliminating shadows and highlights in photographs. It gives you two layers that basically act like adjustment layers, and changing the opacity will alter the effect.

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This script is pretty good and I use it everyday.

Though, I've got a request for future versions :

Personnally, I don't like moving the cursors in the dialog window because there is no realtime preview. So I generally let them both to zero, and then, I make the adjustments with the opacity of the layers.

I've edited the script so that the cursors are at zeri by default.

I think about two possible evolutions :

1) Removing the dialog window that is not useful if we work after with the opacity of the layers


2) Proposing a realtime preview when we work in that window

2 is impossible (with script fu )

I don't know anything about computers beyond using normal applications. How do I convert a Script-Fu to a plug-in ready to file in the Plug In folder, please? For instance Shadow and Highlight

In this case, you're dealing with a scheme file aka "Script" so this particular file would go in your GIMP's "scripts" folder.

I've created a post on my blog, specifically for beginners, that explains this process:

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