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Photoshop Pattern Loader Binaries for Microsoft Windows

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Windows binaries for the Photoshop Pattern Loader plug-in by Eric Lamarque.

ps-pat-load-1.0.zip5.56 KB
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Yes, I only tried it with one file - when that one didn't work, I figured they would act the same way for others.

I looked and looked online, but couldn't find any solution - does the plugin only work with older versions of .pat PSP files? And does it only work with older versions of Gimp?


You can try version 1.2

(Delete version 1.0 before use)

* Revision history:
* 2008-10-26 / v1.0 / Eric Lamarque
* Initial release :
* - load grayscale patterns
* - load indexed patterns
* - load rgb patterns
* 2008-11-01 / v1.1 / Eric Lamarque
* Load 16 bits samples and convert them to 8 bits
* 2008-11-04 / v1.2 / Eric Lamarque
* Handle 8 bits alpha channel.

Thaks samj; works great in GIMP 2.6.10 32-bit under Win7 64-bit OS. :)

I just tried using the Pattern Loader on all my Windows machines, and it works just fine.

Can I ask what process you are using to open .pat files? Can you explain that for us?

I couldn't duplicate the problem you are having.

Hi du, danke für das wunderbare plugin. Many thanks Love from Germany Avarra


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