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Ice Fire Logo

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icefire-logo.scm9.04 KB

Ice Fire Logo - Original script by Michael Schalla (was once on
Here is the result with default parameters (image reduced) :

Version 2.4.2 for Gimp 2.4 and 2.6

Code License: 
GIMP Version: 
Scripting Engine: 


This is one of my favorite tools for creating ice sculptures. What I would like is to have it go downward. I usually have to invert, run the Script-fu the invert again. I tried using negative values for the grow setting but still it goes up. Just wanted to request this feature. Below's a more pronounced version using your Cool script (usually I just add a hint of icycles when I do ice sculptures). :)

Uploaded with

Why not share an example of how I use it with Ice Sculptures too. Subtle and did some selective erasing as well. Click link below for my post at DPR. :)

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