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Film Grain

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This script adds a realistic film grain effect to a black and white or toned image. To install, copy the attached file to GIMP/share/gimp/2.0/scripts. The larger the file you are running it on, the larger the value you should have for Strength. The value for Sharpness depends on your preferences, but I usually start at 1 and go from there. The lower the value, the sharper the noise.

film-like-grain.scm2.23 KB
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I already told it several times: I don't agree with locating a Script-fu in a special Script-fu menu. Most users are not concerned by a plug-in being written in Scheme, C++, Python or ancient Hebrew. Even I though I still work on some srcipts and plug-ins, when I work on an image, I need to choose between tools that are written in different languages with similar purposes.
"Script-fu" is an uninteresting information for users. Many never heard of Script-fu or Scheme. They will discover early enough that they have no preview:D

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