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Photoshop Pattern Loader

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Plugin to load Photoshop PAT patterns set as image in GIMP. Multiple patterns included in a file are loaded as layers. Should handle Grayscale, Indexed and RGB patterns ; anyway, a RGB image is always created for now. Requires Gimp 2.4.

ps-pat-load.c16.04 KB
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How do you load this onto the gimp program?


vol. 29 662 bytes - md5 9187eef03a61658c2cbb9fe92e95a872

Tests with Gimp 2.6.9 64 bits ( & Gimp 2.7.2 - 2.7.3 64 bits ( / Windows 7 64 bit

I've compiled a Windows binary for this plug-in.

I think I poorly answered build request for Windows...

Great plugin, but how can I use it on Windows?

Hello, my knowledge on Windows environment is very limited, but you should get several things : - a C compiler - gimp development tools and libraries, in particular gimptool utility - probably other things. This page seems to give correct procedure to build plugin on windows. Hope this is helpful.

The page mentioned there talks about using cygwin, which is discouraged if you want to build binaries for other people.

Thanks for answer. I'm happy Linux user myself, but my friend asked me about Windows version of your plug-in.
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