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Slect multiple layers


is it possible to select multiple layers in Gimp? i want to apply Color Overlay effects to more than one layer, is t possible?

i use Gimp 2.6 on xp



"s it possible to select multiple layers in Gimp?" No..and not in any graphic editor i know "Color Overlay effects to more than one layer, is t possible?" should be possible by editing the script but for that i can't help , sorry, maybe somebody else here can do

Currently not possible, except for affine transforms (by linking the layers).

I do assume that we will get this with layer trees, which are scheduled for GIMP 2.10

This is one of the problems I have with the Gimp. If I have two or more layers I want to copy at the same time to achieve different results with I am forced to copy EACH individual layer and then move them into the order in which I want them to be in. A time wasting process which stifles my productivity. I like Gimp for a number of things but this extreme lack of functionality along with the glaring lack of Adjustment layers is a serious mistake on the part of the developers. I'm going back to Photoshop for my photo processing needs.

The current beta of GIMP has layer groups, but you are right. GIMP needs to be able to copy multiple layers. Still, I've only had rare occasions when I really wished I had this ability (and of course, did a lot of work to work around this). :)

If you are fortunate enough to be running an OS that PS works on, and can afford it, then there is no reason you shouldn't use a product that provides you with the capabilities you require....

-Rob A>

Color Overlay on any layer is already possible.I wonder if this could be added to the "LINKED" effects In the script mig-gimp-layer-groups?

Perhaps not in the way you want to be able to, but in the meantime, you can do this if you have GIMP 2.8:

1. Check the link box on all the layers you want to manipulate/copy/whatever.
2. Select "Layer > Group > Copy Linked Layers"

I'm not sure what happens when you paste, so you may actually want to use "Layer > Group > Pack Linked Layers" which throws them all into a layer group.

I hope this helps a bit.

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