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gimp voronoi

their once was a script named Voronoi. And in this script was a masterpiece. it created wonderful voronoi patterns that were very customizable. But one day I had to reformat my PC (winXP) and this lovely script was gone. So I went on a search to find it, and I found several traces of it. But sadly the authors "blog" has been "updating" for a LONG time.

view the "Trific Web" link on the below page:

hehe, my post was kinda like a story :P
the end!

so could anyone hook me up with the voronoi script/plugin?

You can get the plugin at in the internet archive. It's out of date, so someone would have to update it, but it's not totally gone. If someone DOES update it, I'm interested in using it.

Here should be a updated version, but you would need a online translation to locate the right link (but the plugin names are in english, only the link button are in Ideograms) P.S maybe i found it : try this

Here is the bablefish translated page link: Here and here is the plugin: -Rob A>
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