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Import Kuler (ASE) palettes

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Import Kuler palettes into GIMP 2.6.

Palettes Dock -> Menu -> Palettes Menu -> Import Kuler palette...

This plug-in requires Python.  Also, make sure that the .py file is executable! If you have already installed previous version of the plug-in, you must remove the old version.

Should now correctly handle RGB and La*b* palettes. Also, basic support is there for CMYK palettes - however, the CMYK conversion is not 100% accurate.  One or more of your RGB values may be 1 less than what is specified in the Kuler interface.

Tested with GIMP 2.6.1 under Ubuntu 8.04 and Win XP. Reported to work under OS X Leopard.

EDIT: please see this link for a python program that does palette conversions:

convert_ASE_to_GPL-0.4.py11.11 KB
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How am I supposed to add this to GIMP? I thought it had to be a file? I am really confused. Any help is appreciated.

Wow, very nice! Daniel Saltman

How do I make the .py script executable?

This plug-in is great...... ...just be sure to make the script executable =)

Hi, I've just tried to open .ase from kuler with your plug-in with Gimp 2.4.6 running on Leopard and it works great. You did a really good job. But the question is: why does this plug-in only open .ase from kuler? Not .ase from nor Photoshop itself? Thanks in advance, FeIZocE

All I could find was a reverse-engineer of the ASE file format. Adobe does not provide a specification. If enough people bugged them about it (hint, hint), they probably would publish the spec. Chris
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