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Sample a Gradient Along a Path

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sample-gradient-along-path.scm5.85 KB

A script to create a new gradient by sampling along a path drawn in an image.

Example and usage are here:

This was tested under 2.6 but should work under 2.4

Please note the script registers under the Gradient Menu (from the gradient dialog). It will error out if called on an image that has no paths defined.

-Rob A>

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My bandwith was used up for the month so my server is halted.

Just draw a path with the path tool then right click in the gradient menu and pick "Sample gradient Along a path"

In the dialog select the source image and drawable, the number of samples (equally spaced on the path) and the radius to sample at each point. Smooth Gradient check-box will make it a smoothed gradient. Unchecked will be a step gradient.

Give it a gradient name and check sample transparency if you want the gradient to include the image transparency.
That's about it.

-Rob A>

yes I'm use Gimp-2.6.8

Updated the latest version.

-Rob A>


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