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SVG Export

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Extends the functionality of /Export Path by allowing for the specification of attribute values (fill,stroke,etc) by encoding these into the path name.
Export path values as SVG file. Script assumes that the path name is an encoding of SVG attributes.

These are encoded using:

_[2 letter code][value]_ where 2 letter code is one of:

  • fc => fill color (SVG attribute: fill)
  • fo => fill opacity (SVG attribute: fill-opacity)
  • nm => name of the path (SVG attribute: id)
  • sc => stroke color (SVG attribute: stroke)
  • sj => stroke line join (SVG attribute: stroke-linejoin)
  • sl => stroke line cap (SVG attribute: stroke-linecap)
  • so => stroke opacity (SVG attribute: stroke-opacity)
  • sw => stroke width (SVG attribute: stroke-width)
  • tp => type of shape can be: circle,rect,polyline,polygon

The value can not contain an underscore and exact values for attributes can be obtained
from the SVG Specifications:

For example:


would decode to:

<polyline points="..." fill="white" stroke="black"
stroke-linejoin="miter" stroke-linecap="butt"

Loading the resultant SVG file is only possible if you have SVG support
compiled in, but you can export SVG using this script.

example-xcf.zip14.47 KB
svg-path-export.scm21.47 KB
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The output browser seems to only allow the selection of existing files.
Error: ( : 1) open-input-file: needs 1 argument(s)
seems to be the only possible outcome when trying to export SVG images from GIMP with this plugin
Where am I going wrong? What am I not doing?
If some digital angel can swoop down and solve this I would so so grateful as I need this tool to work badly...

I have the same issue, any help, any one?

Where’s the download button?

Look under "Attachment" and you'll see two links:

Right click the link svg-path-export.scm and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As", then browse to your User .gimp-2.6/scripts folder and save it. If GIMP is open, you'll need to go to Filters - Script-Fu - Refresh Scripts to activate the new .scm file.

You'll find it under Script-Fu - Utils - SVG Export on the GIMP menu bar.

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