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GIMP XMLRPC-Server (crazy, unfinished)

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This is an attempt at exposing GIMP functionality as an XMLRPC web service.

This is not finished. It can probably not be finished that way it has been started. It will require a lot more code. Actually, putting GEGL behind such a thing makes much more sense.

Have a look at Xtns/Python to find the menu entry which starts the server.

But it works, in an extremely limited way. You can e.g. change the current foreground and background colors... See the script for an example.

To get an overview of what this XMLRPC server offers, point your browser to http://localhost:8000

And, of course, the buzzwords which make this a lot more understandable by the general public: Web 2.0, Web services, AJAX ;)

xmlrpcserver.py930 bytes bytes
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Sounds like a cool end-of-the-year hack ;-) I was quite amazed when looking at the source -- thats all there is to it? Amazing.

Well, this is all there is to it if you only want a barely funtional server (remember the "crazy, unfinished" from the title?). There will be a lot more effort to support all of GIMP's objects and types. But I figured that really crazy stuff is what could get people's attention, which is desperately needed for this site.
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