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GIMP Plugin Registry in Lockdown mode

The Plugin Registry will remain in lockdown mode - without support from the site owner, we have no chance of fighting the spam attacks.

This means that no accounts can be created, and posting is limited to the people who are already registered. You do not need an account to download resources from this site.

Spam flood - ongoing

The registry is still being targeted by spammers - this is evident by re-enabling user registrations, and requiring admin approval to activate the accounts. The site would be drowned in spam in no time again...

Fishing out the few legit account registrations seems to be largely impossible, too - Drupal (at least in the version used here) doesn't really offer any sophisticated user registration handling.

Spam flood - again


as you can see, the registry is getting flooded by soccer stream spam again and again - I'm having user registration suspended for the time being. This won't stop the spammer scum that already registered from creating some more spam posts, but will at least give us a chance to catch up to them when deleting it.

Gimp shape creator version 8

This new version adds changes in the interface and new shapes. More info and download from http://www.arakne.es/en/programming/python/gimp-plugin-shape-creator-v8/

New shape Cloud

Useful for create thinking bubbles for comics


This Python plugin splices together path strokes that have common end points, and properly closes strokes where the two end points overlap(*). In one mode ("Splice strokes in path") it will splice together the strokes in the current path. In the other mode ("Splice strokes in visible paths") it will splice together the strokes from all visible paths. This mode can be seen as an intelligent "Merge visible paths". Filters are accessed via menu entries in the right-click men in the Paths list ("Tools" submenu at the bottom).

open a single transparent overlay layer

creates a new catagorie at the top called overlayers. under this clicking PD1 overlay will create
a single transparent overlay layer. As a colorizer on reddit/r/colorizationrequests I desired a short cut
to clicking layers, transparent, then changing the mode to overlay, so I asked around and
Pat David (http://blog.patdavid.net) was kind enough to attempt a script. There were a few bugs that
I repaired and a few modifications I made so this script is a joint effort.

Gimp shape creator





New shape Crossed corners:


Sorry, but I quit the Net...


LINK (version 1.1): http://froggy.web.pagesperso-orange.fr/gimp/banana-sprites.scm

Hello world,
I uploaded other examples and added some tips at the end. This script-fu will be here in the menu: Filters\Animation\banana-sprites


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