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Registered users, please post to the appropriate forum. This form is only for contact by persons who are not yet registered on the site (and hence cannot use that forum). The forum is read by many more people and you will receive a much quicker answer there.

Before sending a contact request, please check the following frequent items:

  • If you did not receive the registration e-mail, please make sure that you do not use greylisting or any other form of spam-protection which requires manual intervention. The Website robot cannot do that. In some cases, it may simply take an hour or two, but that is rare, the usual retry is 10 minutes.
  • We do not develop GIMP. If you are looking for the developers, please look at
  • We do not sell GIMP, and we do not answer to refund requests. GIMP is free. If you have paid money for it, you've been scammed. Sue them.