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Updating to 2.6.10?

I have 2.6.2 and want to upgrade to the latest version but how do I do this? would I need to un-install the old version first? if so I'm guessing I'll lose all my downloaded plug-ins and scripts, how do I keep from losing them? I can't remember which method I used originally to install 2.4.2

I've downloaded this installer but not sure if it's the right one:

I have Windows Vista if that makes any difference.


Use the windows installer on the gimp site, no need to uninstall the old one.

Oh and the latest one is 2.6.11

Ok thanks, do I create a new folder to save it into or overwrite the existing one?

Overwrite unless you want to keep the old one.

Had some weird issues with 2.6.11 and PSPI (and not the only one). I would download 2.6.10 and just install; it will overright and all should be well. :)

If you planned to use pspi (photoshop plugins) lylejk is right. Just installed pspi and windows runs DEP (data execution preventer) and closes pspi.

Is this with the current 2.6.11 installer? The first one had not been signed correctly.

I have just downloaded the latest gimp and compared it with my earlier download, result the same. So my answer is yes the current installer.

Installing and running pspi no problem. I installed a ps plugin called "tv effects demo" and then I get the error DEP. I don't know if other ps plugins has the same behavior.

I'm running win XP pro SP3 if that makes any differences.

The weird issue is that I do have a few plugins (some from Flaming Pear) that still work. It's just the ones that were created using FilterMeister (which I will allege that 80% of the filters for PS used this program; lol) crash. Not sure what happened between 2.6.10 and 2.6.11, but happened it did. Since PSPI is not an official GIMP plugin, I doubt it will get addressed by the GIMP developers either. Not going to submit another bugzilla after getting flamed by them (a year or two back) either. Maybe Tor can straighten it out. He still is the PSPI guy. :)

Problems with FilterMeister plug-ins are known reagrdless of the program they're being used in, see for example:

So what's changed between 2.6.10 and 2.6.11 is that DEP now works for GIMP, and this is a good thing, in my opinion.

Not getting dep issues when running these same filters in Irfanview. So that means the problem is still with GIMP 2.6.11. It might be dep related, so fix it or recommend work arounds, otherwise the solution is to stick with 2.6.10 (not ideal).

edit: just checked the link you provided (probably should have before writing this). I really don't want to disable DEP for all programs; maybe just GIMP it that's possible. Also, I have 6GBytes and none of these filters crash with my current system, so I guess the issue got resolved with Win7 (w.r.t. memory issues that is). My only other complaint is the sorry preview with these type filters (in GIMP that is). That's always been an issue (not so with Flaming Pear's filters). I tolerate that though. :)

the old problem with FilterMeister that of a crippled preview is only with Gimp
I am sure, because, long time ago, i had a exchange of mails with the FilterMeister developer that was open to found a fix but asked from some help

Ljleyk anyway refer to a new , more heavy issue (they just crash) that was not afflcting previous version of other words we are speking here of filters already tested in previous version of gimp with positive results (except for the crippled preview) that now are unusable

I can't confirm the problem because i use a different version of gimp (2.7.1 but not from git ,the last compiled for win)
where PS filters work as usual

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