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Looking for a script

Hello, I am looking for an automated way to take the images from all of the layers in a file, reduce their size and place them all on one layer in rows and columns (or, preferably, to create a new file with the single composite layer). I have to believe that there is a script existing for this, but I have not been able to find it by browsing the repository. I have no idea what it might be called, so I may have looked at it and not realized it was what I want. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!


Thank you anyway.
What I need is something that will set up a sheet like this, but generate it from levels in a file, rather than from all the files in a directory, as teh contact sheet maker does.

You want a contactsheet from all your layers

Yes, exactly. But, when you put it THAT way, I would suspect that no one has ever made anything like that.
Can anyone create that?
TIA, if you can~ :)

That should be possible the body is there but I'm unfamiliar with the script language. If someone give me the corresponding python codes I can give it a try.

Thanks, but it seems Saulgoode has already done this - it's posted above.

Thank you - this looks like exactly what I need, however it seems to not be loading for me. I placed it with all my other scripts and when I start GIMP, I cannot find the menu command anywhere. Looking at the script, it seems that it should be found in the Script-fu menu, but it is not. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance~

Search in: filters->projection->tile layers

Filters->map->tile layers

It does just what I need. Thanks, Saul and E.!

What I am looking for is something that does what the Sprite sheet script does but instead of ending with "an image 1 row tall and x columns wide where x=Number of Image layers you opened.",
I need the final image to be in a square configuration, like a contact sheet.

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