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Hi There
I am a beginner to gimp and wondered if someone can help me! i have installed the rsynthesizer and it is saved in my documents! i have also watched a tutorial on how to use the resynthesizer! But when i open gimp i cant find the the resynthesizer! how do i get it to work in Gimp.
If this is not the right place to post can somewhere direct me to the right place.
Many thanks
From a bewildered Carol

Need to place the actual plugin into your GIMP plugins folder (something like {user account]/.gimp-2.6/plugin-ins). Once you do that and start GIMP, it should be in your Filters>Map dropdown menu. :)

Hi There
Thank you for your reply! i found a tutorial showing me how to put plugins in the the plug in folder! i did this with the resynthesizer but its not in the filters>map> dropdown menu! help!!!!

Did you close and restart GIMP after you added resynthesizer.exe to the plug-ins folder?

Yes i did close and restart gimp after i added the resynthesizer! do you have any idea what the poblem could be.

There have been times where I had two plug-ins loaded in both plug-ins folders, both user and application folders, and the plug-in wouldn't work until I removed one of them.

It's hard to diagnose problems online since several variables are in play:
1) computer skill level of user is unknown (most say they are beginners and leave it at that)
2) lack of information (i.e. operating system being used, GIMP version, plug-in package being used and installation method)
3) What troubleshooting has been done by user

There are a few suggestions:
You initially stated you dropped the resynth.exe into your "my documents" and then later reiterated that you placed it into the proper folder.

Do a check of your .gimp-2.6/plug-ins folder and see if the resynthesizer file is there. If it is, then check your application folder for the same file (C:\Program Files\Gimp-2.0\share\plug-ins). If you find both plug-ins folders has the file, remove one, then restart GIMP. If the file isn't there, then you need to load the file into one of the two folders. Either one works.

Hi There
Thank you for your help its really appreciated! i have done what you suggested. the problem i am having now is when trying to place the resynthesizer plugin in to gimp...i have a box come up saying libgimp-2.0-dll file is missing.

When you say you try to open resynthesizer in GIMP are you trying to open it by clicking on the file?

The plug-in is now a menu option under Filters - Map - Resynthesize

Oh sorry i didnt explain properly! i was having so much trouble trying to get the resynthesizer to work in gimp i set it back to default then uninstalled gimp and reinstalled gimp! now when trying to add the resynthesizer plugin in to gimp a box comes up saying libgimp-2.0-dll file missing.

Hopefully someone else more knowledgeable about missing dll files will chime in.

You neglect to mention anything about what operating system, GIMP version, and which resynthesizer version you are using. These are helpful to know in most cases.

I am using Windows...Gimp 2.6.10....and Resynthesizer-0.16 plugin.
Thanks Carol

Windows XP, Vista, or 7? 32 or 64 bit?

I have Windows 7 and 64 bit.

"p a box comes up saying libgimp-2.0-dll file missing."

that is a typical message after a typical user error
to install the plugin you have to move the plugin in the plugin folder not click on it...that exe is not a installer but the plugin

Can't be a problem of missed dll, gimp will never load or work without that libgimp-2.0-dll

Hi Again
Well no matter what i try i cant get the resynthesizer in to gimp on the laptop! so i thought i would give it a try on the main computer where i am running Vista and have a 32 bit, well hey presto i am so pleased to say i managed to get the resynthesizer in and working! all i need to do now is it get it to work on the laptop.
Many thanks for your help! no doubt i will be back for more help.

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