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Images all print too small no matter the setting of scale size. Also, Print setting will not hold orientation

Hi Folks! I'm pretty new to GIMP and was having a great time printing pictures for a couple of hours. I could import and scale them to the right size, converting them to inches. But then I tried to rotate one image and now, ever since, ALL of my images will only print out to around 6" x 7". I dragged my computer whiz wife in to help and now we both have been trapped here for hours! We have spent tried resetting the printer, resetting the brouser, resetting the scale size, the orientations, trying different images newly imported . . . and a hundred other things!

When I test the printer's test page, it prints normally. The printer settings all look right, but the printer setting in Gimp Page Settup will only stay at A4, whatever that is. It also will not hold the Landscape selection. Also, when I was printing earlier today and I scaled the images I still saw a pretty large image in my screen. Now I see tiny little images when they are scaled to any size I seek--not that they will even print at any size other than 6" x 7" (ish). (Original artwork is at 3000 dpi.)

When we sent the images to a different printer from Gimp they still came out small, even though we had them sized at 8.25" x 10.5", approximatly (scaled).

Finally, we uninstalled GIMP and reinstalled it anew. But I'll be damned if the images are just the same as before--showing up tiny and printing to a max of 6 x 7! Can anyone help? I gave as much info as I could to provide clues...



What method of printing are you using within GIMP? Gutenprint? Windows Print? Default GIMP print? What OS are you using? What version of GIMP?

When you click on File - Print and click the Page Set-up tab, is the scale option at 100%?

I'm having the same problem. However, this is a new problem. I've been using GIMP with OS x 10.5 and 10.6 and printing with no problem until recently. Nothing I've done to troubleshoot has worked - except to lose quite a bit of expensive paper.

I've tried using every driver I have access to including Gutenberg which I hadn't used previously. Not only does the image come out about 30-40% smaller, but it's not printing based on the saved page setup settings.

Please help if you can.


Had a consultant here for an hour. He checked and rechecked all my setting and made sure all was right. He couldn't fix the problem. I am working on Epson printer and Vista software/pc.

Scale option is at 100% I am on Vista and an Epson printer. All settings have been checked by a consultant who just left. He can't fix it either--recommends dumping gimp.

You realize that the Registry isn't a GIMP technical site, right? This site is solely a depository for scripts and plug-ins. Sometimes those who have the knowledge about specific GIMP related issues can help other users with their problems. Then there are times when you can leave a question and it never gets answered.

Depending on your desire to continue using GIMP, I'd recommend posting your problem to other GIMP sites and submitting a bug to GIMP via Bugzilla:

You might want to try using Gutenprint over the default offering.

Submitting a bug about this is most likely pointless, it just means that someone will have to find the matching existing bug to resolve it as a duplicate - there are plenty of know bugs in GTK+ printing:

What is the size of your image? Are you creating a new image with one of the template sizes or are you specify the width and height? Are you opening the images or adding them as layers?

I have noticed a problem with 2.6.11. If I create an image of say 8.56cm x 5.4 cm and then print it, it comes out shifted off centre on the media.

It appears that the image settings are set differently to the ones I actually set up.

The image settings are on a tab behind the general tab when you select print.

If on that tab I move my image to the top left of the canvas shown ( irrespective of dimensions) it prints fine.

It's a funny work around but I have only been dealing with this for a few hours.

I'm using Gimp 2.6.8 on Windows XP. I'm printing a post card to mail for new years so I need both sides to line up as well as for the result to be the right size. I tried all the ideas I could find on the web and nothing seemed to work. Somewhere else someone mentioned exporting the file as an image and using another application to do the printing without saying what application they used.

I have used OpenOffice for some time to print flash cards and it seemed to handle the size and registration well so I decided to try it. I exported the item I wanted to print as an 8X10.5 jpeg image at 300 px/inch and imported it into a page in an open office text file. The page was formated 8.5x11 and had a 1/4 inch border all the way around.

Hope this works for you too.

Steve S.

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