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Need the flame tutorial for the plug in


I'm new here but would like to request a tutorial to do the animated flame script. I have searched everywhere and can't locate the tutorial anywhere for this. I don't want the one with text. I want just the flame animation steps so I can change the colors used. I see the flames scripts but none have the tutorial and the links they direct to are not working or they don't give the whole tutorial.


If you're referring to mine, the source is commented, and you can change the gradient used to whatever you like for changing colours. If you want a more general algorithm for my version, it's below.

Create a black to white gradient going from black at the top of the image to white at the bottom. This defines where the fire appears. You could probably play with this to "shape" the flames into some other region, such as text, campfires, etc

Generate solid noise on a separate layer, with the dimensions you want your flames to have. Set this layer to burn mode

For each frame: move the solid noise layer up slightly. The distance will be determined by the height of the image and number of frames, so the animation loops seamlessly. Then merge a copy of the solid noise with a copy of the gradient. Finally, apply the gradient map using the chosen gradient (probably "Incandescent") Do this as many times as you want frames.

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