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All with hope. All is good.


I have a question to ask and I would really appreciate if anybody can answer.

I have been playing about with the GIMP for a few years now and I produced a good few drawings with it. I would like to know if it is possible to extract the data from the xcf file and shows all the steps that have been carried out in order to produce a step-by-step video of the process to create the drawing.

Sorry if it has been asked before and there is a workaround to it. If not, does anybody with programming knowledge think that it is feasible, or just a lost cause destined to float around this young mans brain for the next few weeks?

Thank you



You might consider recording yourself working on a drawing. There are some good desktop recorders which could do this. You would just have to make several different recordings as I assume it would take more than five or ten minutes to complete the drawing. Record the steps, put them together in a video editor and voila. As far as I know, that would be the best option.

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