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looking for an interpolation-aware fill

I have a set of line drawings -- think of it as coloring book illustrations. The lines are black and there is a white background. I want a tool that is like the standard color fill tool but aware of the interpolation around the black lines (necessary to make curves look smooth.) I assume it would work by requiring me to choose the color to fill and also tell it what color it should stop on as the border color.

Thanks in advance for a clue

-- your standard newb

If so, Rob A. has his script here:

It's sort of the reverse of what you're asking.

but not really.
I tried it.

Then I looked more carefully at the task while I was thinking about how I would write a script. Its not as simple as I thought because when the lines are thin and/or very curvy there are places where a "black" line isn't really ever completely black -- just really dark grey.

Probably why this hypothetical smart fill tool doesn't already exist.

o well.

Thanks for replying though.

I wasn't aware of this one Mahvin. Works great. Thanks for the link, and, more importantly, thanks to RobA again. :)

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